Saturday, May 19, 2007

zoho-the online office suite

This is the time to mention zoho,
Zoho is the online office suite.
It's well known in the web 2.0 world and it's really recommended for you , who work in the medical/health sector.
You will find so many on-line web tools:
1. online word processor -zoho writer
2.zoho mail spreadsheet- zoho sheet
4.zoho notebook
5.zoho creator- create online database application in minutes organizer- zoho planner project management tool- zoho projects webconferecing tool- zoho meeting
9. blogs, wiki's etc, etc.

No means to explain how usefull it to doctors, scientists and reserch groups....
It's a great competition to google and more from that.
Try it and enjoy it.


Arvind said...


Thanks for using Zoho and recommending it to the medical community! Keep using Zoho and we will be glad hearing your feedback on our various products :-)


Dr.Uri Ginzburg and a friend said...

Thanks back for your comment
I think ZOHO is more than worth mention her in our blog

kalidas said...

I dont know how Zoho would be useful for the medical community! though its completely technical and has nothing to do with the medical thing it really confuses me, As far as i know Zoho is not the only one who is providing the above applications many other online office service providers like eDesk Online provide more applications than what Zoho does :) I suggest you guys have a look at this...