Friday, May 11, 2007

sputtr - the serch engine directory


Such a simple tool but so needed and nice one.
Sputtr gives you the opportunity to search items from seperate, well-known and popular serch engine and sites.Yes , the deafult is google and also some of is various options like google news or blogs, but what about looking and serch in other places like wikipedia , etc.
You have the option for recommend on other sites that you are using them in your web-searching.
The importance is getting specific and focused results from every site or engine you choose.
This is another web 2.0 tool that can serve us as well in the medical/health sector.


Berci Meskó said...

I like your blog as the basic idea is perfect. I also work on this field (on my blog). I added you to my blogroll and wrote about you in one of my recent posts.

Keep up this good work! Medicine needs blogs like this one.

doctor no said...

You are in mine as well ;-)