Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Web 2.0 in the medical field is not just for us, doctors, nurses and others (professionals in the health sector).Its also tools and applications for the consumers, our patients.
We always have to remember that high quality practice begin from close, positive and intimate relationship between the two sides of the table.
One aspect is excellent information tools for our patients.I started to talk and mention this aspect when i covered for you healia, the med search engine.another tools for the consumers that i mentioned already are the blogs by consumers for consumers. (dont forget the blog for diabetics i mentioned at one of my last posts).
Second aspect are tools /web applications that help the patient to manage his health or can create and manage better communication with the doctors.Its important for us, the professional side of the medical world to know about these tools. We can advice our patients to use them. Its our interest too.
A new example for such tool is http://www.sugarstats.com/.Its for the diabetics among us.
Everyone can open a secure private information site.It has an access from everywhere at any time. Its give the options to track glucose levels. There are options to record the medications , foods and etc.We understand the power of such records to understand and investigate the data.Its also has an educational power.
Here the abilities list that is written on the home page of sugarstats :
1.Track blood sugar glucose levels
2.Track medication intake (Injectioons, Oral, Inhalers)
3.Track food intake
4.Track physical activity
5.Share your statistics with your family, friends or health care professional 6.Access your info from any modern web browsers
7.Have a clear and simple interface to view your statistics
8.View important graphs and trends created from these statistics

So, lets go and evalute this application.
Lets start use the huge power of the web 2.0 world.

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