Friday, April 13, 2007


Here again at your service.
this time : let's learn C.P.R through the web with video demonstrations.
It's the first time we mention the use of video for the service of the health sector.
This one is less professional and can help us ,doctors, for teaching and for afilliate others to see learn and watch.Still, its a good example of the video use on the web. Promise to expose you to much more advanced webcasting tools in the near future is the place for that.

Learn CPR is a free public service supported by the university of Washington school of medicine.All of you can watch and the basics of C.P.R - cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Updated with new CPR Guidelines issued by the American Heart Association and published in Circulation, Dec 13 2005.
There are separate versions of each video tailored to adults, children and infants. The site also features printable one-page guides you can post in your home or workplace
Note: it's not replace the need for established course in C.P.R.
For all of you, video and webcasting will be another major component that will be discussed here regarding the medical field.

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I am also a mom who saved a life.
Follow is a link of my “CPR story”.

I will appreciate if you can spare a few minutes to read it give me your feedback (on-line as a comment to encourage others).

And of course forward it to as many people you think it may be relevant.