Saturday, July 26, 2008

E-Anatomy Atlas

Attached here an excellent imaging/anatomy E-Tool.

Its a free interactive anatomy learning web/Health 2.0 tool.

It is based on More than 1500 slices from normal CT and MRI covering all over the human body.

The image series combined with textual information, 3D imaging and anatomical drawings.

There is a possibility to write remarks and comments regarding specific sections or organs.

As I observed it its looks highly professional. It was also mentioned previousely in "Radiology" journal .

To obsereve and watch the full screen images you need to create a free membership.


Rachel said...

Vadlo is a cool search engine for scientists, with great cartoons!

Miguel Cabrer said...

Dr. Uri,

I think you can be interested in knowing

Interresting platform: multilanguage (SNOMED), clinical case oriented and mashup's


Denis said...

e-anatomy moved to a new address: it is now available at
Please update your links...


e-anatomy team