Thursday, April 10, 2008

Opensource tools in The health 2.0 arena

Im sharing with you a fine post who summerize by the writer words :

" 100 opensource tools to the medical professionals"
Some of the tools are general ones but can contribute as well to professional in the health sector . There are also several tools in the list that are targeting to the benefits of the patients.
The subcategories are mentioned there :

1. Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Records
2. Antivirus, Security and Privacy ( protection of patients and research data)
4.Graphics and Imaging (for brain imaging, 3d imaging etc.)
5.Content Management Tools
6.Research and Reference (assisting in research work and study)
7.Multimedia ( for audio , visual and mobile files)
8.Storing Patient Information
9.General Tools that Work for Everyone
10.Collaboration Tools (with other medical professionals)
11.Storing, Sharing and Managing Files
12.For Patients (introduce these tools with your patients).

Worth looking into it and find some helping tools.
Thanks Sally for sharing with me this post.

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