Sunday, July 15, 2007

Third round - medicine 2.0 blog carnival


This is the third round of the medicine 2.0 blog carnival.
I think Bertalan Mesko worth some appreciation for his dedication and motivation that led to the establishment of this blog carnival.

Posts about medical search :

Bioinformatics zen posted some alternatives for the pubmed gold standart.It was concluding natureprecedings and connotea I mentioned also in the past.
Open Medicine blog posted few days later the top five meta search tools in medicine.

Video in the service of medicine 2.0 :
It seems that some of us look carefully about the potential benefits of the emerging video tools at the medical sector.

I posted about Jove, here in medical 2.0 posted twice about the video scene. The first post mentioned tools like : Jove, DNAtube and Bioscreencast.
The second post was about ScienceHack - a new video search tool for science.

If we are talking about search engine , there was an important post by Bertalan Mesko in Scienceroll. It was about Next Bio- another important search engine for life science data.

Another important post from scienceroll was the evaluation of the complexity of hospital management today an in the near future.In this post we earned also some usefull links to important blogs edited by some hospital CEO'S.

Some others interesting posts :
1. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn posted at an important review about the lack of adopting web 2.0 tools by the pharma companies and how these tools influence the industry- consumers connection.
2. I recommend watching the page of UBC- Heath library wiki. It's about medical applications for the I-phone. Probably it will be in the central at the near future.
3. K.S Descartin wrote an interesting post in her blog, called Paraskavedekatriaphobia.It's phobias and virtual reality applications as therapeutics tools. Indeed , we can add it to the "med 2.0" sector.

all about nature :
There was a buzz currently regarding the new open medicine and science method application by nature - Nuture precidings.This is an example of one post among few others.
Also I recommend about the interview with Timo Hannay - the head of web publishing , Nature publishing group. In that interview Timo Hannay asked and answer about Nature strategy and project with and inside the web 2.0 and social software world.

The last one is about my favourite : Twitter.
Here a link for short post which demonstrate a new twitter application- Twitter for health foundations and charities.

So, this is the third round of our carnival. I wish you enjoyed reading it. Ihope it will take more central place in larger audiance at the future.
Medicine 2.0 is one of the powers of the future medicine because medicine its all about people and for people which make sense that the web 2.0 tools will give such a huge benefit to that field.


Bertalan said...

Thank you for hosting! I've already put links to your edition from my blog, the official page and the official blog...

thestoryofhealing said...

Interesting stuff here. Thanks for including my post. Have a good week!

thestoryofhealing said...

ps: Is there a link to Video in the service of medicine 2.0?

Dr.Uri Ginzburg and a friend said...

About the link :
I mentioned two links in the post.
I have also the link to my old post in the video subject :


Deirdre said...

Please check out the Medical Education Blog for articles and videos about Web 2.0 in Medicine.

Ricardo said...

Great 3rd edition!
Thanks for mentioning my posts. said...

Nice observation, thanks.

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